When visiting Fetlar you will see a herd of cattle and a flock of sheep, including pedigree Shetland animals, as well as some pigs, grazing on the organic land. Homegrown meat is served in our shop and café.

Farming in Shetland

The traditional way to farm in Shetland has been to croft, with a few sheep and perhaps a “house coo” kept in fields (or parks) around the croft house, with the crofter earning income mainly by fishing. Most crofters still have other sources of income.

Our farm

We have a herd of cattle and a flock of sheep. Our cows are pedigree Shetland, Beef Shorthorn and Galloway and some Highland with various crosses. Our flock is Shetland with Shetland crosses. We have been fully organic (SOPA registered) since 2021 and we are members of QMS and the Shetland Cattle Herd Book.

We sell some animals to local butchers, but mostly through the marts both in Lerwick and Aberdeen. Our wool goes to the Shetland woolbrokers Jamieson & Smith. And we keep a few pigs. Of course, we use homegrown meat in our café and guest house.