Fetlar is the fourth largest of the Shetland Islands, lying just south of Unst – the northernmost part of the UK – and east of Yell. To visit Fetlar you first need to travel to the Shetland Mainland by either ferry or plane.

Getting to Shetland

You can get to Shetland either by NorthLink ferries: Ferry to the Orkney and Shetland islands | NorthLink Ferries or by Loganair: Loganair | Fly To More UK Destinations Than Any Other Airline. The ferry terminal is in Lerwick while Loganair flights land at Sumburgh Airport in the Shetland's South Mainland.

Getting to Fetlar by car

To get to Fetlar from Shetland’s main town Lerwick you need to drive north to Toft, take the ferry across Yell Sound to Ulsta and then drive across Yell; you then need to take the ferry across the Bluemull Sound to Hamars Ness in Fetlar. At Toft, use lane 1 if you have booked and lane 2 if you have not booked. At Gutcher use lane 3 if you have booked and lane 4 if you haven’t booked.

Some ferries go via Unst - you can simply stay on the ferry. If you plan your journey to coincide with ferry times, you can get from Fetlar to Lerwick (and from Lerwick to Fetlar) in two hours.

You will find the ferry timetable on the Shetland Islands Council (SIC) website. For ferry crossings on the Bluemull Sound, look for the ferries which have “H” after the time, as that indicates ferries whose destination is Hamars Ness in Fetlar. ZetTrans has a useful app, available to download via its website: https://www.zettrans.org.uk/travel.

Getting to Fetlar by bus

There is one bus service per weekday which coordinates with the ferries and will bring you to Fetlar. If you need onward transport from Hamars Ness, the ferry terminal in Fetlar, there is a dial-a-ride service, please book the day before: +44 (0)1595 745 745.

The Hamars Ness terminal where you will arrive has a good harbour, a nice, spacious waiting room and toilet facilities. The museum and shop/café also have toilet facilities.