Fetlar has a rich folklore heritage, some of which has luckily been preserved in recordings.

The Fetlar Interpretive Centre has many recordings of Jeemsie Laurenson, a famous Fetlar storyteller (he preferred to be referred to as a historian) who died in 1988.

The Dead Fisherman and his Three Messages

Listen to Jeemsie Laurenson telling the story of the dead fisherman and his three messages : Tobar an Dualchais

The Eagle Bairn

One of the most famous of the Fetlar stories dates back to 1690, the tale of the Eagle Bairn – you can read it here: Epilogue (davidkfaux.org)

Jan Tait and the Bear

And the other equally famous Fetlar story (which has now been made into a chamber opera) is Jan Tait and the Bear: Bears on Shetland? - History & Culture - Shetlink: Connecting Shetland

The Milk Pan at Taft

An "uncan woman" leaves some good luck with a crofter who brings her a message: Fetlar Island – The Modern Antiquarian.com

There are many other tales including those connected with the Haltadans stone circle, the Finniegirt dyke and many more places.

There are still a few native Fetlar folk, and some can be persuaded to tell some good tales!